Tuesday, December 26, 2006

There's just some things you know.

I am really in love with my Bear Hands. They are the best thing I bought since I started wearing pants. HA! Man. As if I didn't wear pants at some point. That would really be CRAAYYZAY.


I am really excited to spend a mere 50 bucks so I can shoot guns on 20th St. What a convenient way for me to try something I've been dying to try for a long time now. I really really hope I don't suck at shooting guns. I think I'd feel badly about myself and it would really impact my self esteems.

As for iPod action, I started downloading all the songs I used to sing in voice lessons. I knew they were arias but I didn't realize they were mostly operas. I like opera. And I like to sing opera. But I guess that's the problem as to why I didn't want to pursue it. I don't really like the idea of being an opera singer. It doesn't seem remotely fun. My voice is so out of shape though. It makes me feel kind of sad singing along cause it just don't work the way it used to.

The Good Shepard is a movie that seems really awesome at first- and then completely sucks. You keep waiting for the payoff, and it doesn't come. I really really wanna see Children of Men and Little Children. It's all about them Children titles, isn't it now?

My cellphone stopped working on xmas eve and it's all punked up. I will get a new one, but in the meantime, it shuts off when I don't tell it to, and also deletes my texts.

And finally, I am aware that the things I have typed herein are vapid peices of reflection, but unfortunately there's all too much unmentionable drama in my private life. Not like I just got an abortion and subsequently lit a building on fire while peeing my pants and laughing hysterically. Just, well, the things going on in my mind about family, work, and social life are full of unmentionables. Let's just say I've got a lot on my mind and a lot of things are happening.

Oh, one other thing I realized ... one thing I really like about dating is taking a new stranger into my world to absord the drippings of all that's going on around me, and then having him walk away with it. There's something I love so dearly about letting in the ears of those who I haven't really let in. There's something I love so dearly about new people and all the new adventures this city lends itself to. I know that's pretty ordinary of me, but still, I love it. Part of my choice in who to date is doing that with someone I am ok with walking away from me. Some of these folks become my friends in the end so it depends, but there's always that gamble and that risk. There's just some folks who I know are better off without the likes of a lady like me. Not that I think I'm all terrible. Just intense. I'm certain that I'd make some men puke their brains out were they to attempt to swallow me.

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