Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Yikes. Tomorrow is my last day at Lucas Entertainment. No more knowing exactly what to do everyday- I start fresh and new and I'm going to have to bring it! Man. That's kind of all I'm thinking about. I like to conquer and kick ass so that's the plan with my new job. Just a little daunting to think I've got a whole new list of expectations from myself that I've got to fulfill. Cause when I let myself down I get really depressed. FUN FACT!

Just started going to the gym regularly and I love it. It was totally not expensive and there's classes and I started doing the yoga ones plus some cardio and light weight training. I tried taking cardio kickboxing after yoga today but the lady made me laugh and fart at the same time so I decided I had to leave. Honestly I had been farting all through yoga class as well. Don't worry people, none of them were audible and I didn't really smell anything. Just every time I was downward dog I was all- dammit vulnerable position! You have to clench your cheeks to avoid any sounds. Anyhow the cardio kickboxing was hilarious cause the lady was super hyper and we were listening to dance hits of the 90s which are also hilarious. She kept bouncing around yelling "punch punch punch" and it was sooo funny looking- the patheticness and non-toughness of all the ladies. Aside from all that tomfoolery, I feel fantastic and am happy I'm doing this again.

I found two things I liked on Craigslist:
You should not have f'ed with my kid. and

Rant and Rave
My stupid fucking apartment building is starting to piss me off. I love this apartment and have been spending more time here, cooking meals, watching my kick ass cable, doin stuff. BUT there's this battle in the building with the Chinese tenants, some of whom admitted they pay something like 500 bucks a month for their 2 bedroom apartment, who say the landlord doesn't treat them right. Cool, stand up for yourselves, that's great. But their complaints aren't even accurate. They complain that our building doesn't get heat or hot water, but it's fine. Sure, maybe "just mine is on" but this is a big old building and everything is connected. A lot of these folks hang out all day in the stairwells smoking and hawking lugies- especially this one old dude. What pisses me off most is that these fuckers come and knock on our door almost every day. I ignore it. I don't want to piss of my new landlord and I don't want to make the people I have to share the building with hate me. Plus I hate having conversations that go on too long and I hate when people I don't care about take my damn time. The truth is I don't support them. They live in one of the most amazing parts of the world in a nice building and they are paying nothing for it. The landlord is unresponsive? Be thankful you're able to hold onto that kickass rent and just make some freaking improvements yourself. You want me to sign something that says fight gentrification? ME? I AM A WHITE PERSON. YOU WANT ME TO FIGHT THAT? I am the person paying more money to live in the same space. Maybe that has something to do with the landlord being more responsive. I'm sure the landlord would love them just as much as me, ol whitey mc whiteness, if they paid something closer to what the space was worth. It's the LOWER EAST SIDE. They've already lost their battle. It happens- places clean up and get nicer. People with less money move to the suburbs or where ever they can afford. People commute. Yeah, I like Chinatown, I like authenticity and a sense of history in a city- but chill the fuck out- you pay nothing to live in a really nice place and your grievances are nothing close to any real hardship. AND STOP ASKING ME TO GO TO YOUR WEEKLY RALLIES AGAINST FOLKS LIKE ME- I have a job and shit to do. Grrr.

Globes- Liked the humor, Love the sexy Sascha BC and all his awesomeness. Enjoyed the Jeremy Irons speech. Warren Beaty thing made me want to rent Reds. Mirren's performance in The Queen wasn't nearly as stunning as Penelope Cruz in Volver. Cruz deserves the damn Oscar! Not fair. I don't think Ugly Betty is all that great. It's entertaining but not terribly intelligent or clever. People always get all excited when somewhat fat people are celebrated for their inner beauty. It's like we are all holding hands and watching Oprah together. I for one have met a lot of slightly overweight people who are total assholes.

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