Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Blah blah blah Iraq War

Some thoughts before I go to bed inspired by what Madeline Albright said today- essentially that the Iraq War is the worst act of foreign policy ever and way worse than Vietnam. She said it better. A quote I did find was this:
Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright stepped into the debate with a sharp criticism of Mr. Bush. "The president's speech last Wednesday night should be viewed less as a statement of policy than as a prayer. It was not about reality. It was about hope. But hope is not a strategy," she said.

If only these dickheads said something with this degree of balls sooner. It's like the world stood idly by watching as an obvious incompetent crashed the shiny red car that is America over a cliff so they could stand there pointing at the wreckage and all the bloodied passengers inside that were ruined in the process. I truly feel that both sides of our government let this happen.

Back when I was in college, MTV had a Global Forum with Colin Powell where students were pre screened to ask him a question live around the world. The audition to get on the show was to ask your question on camera ahead of time. I was selected out of hundreds which was pretty cool. Just as John Norris was about to cut to me with my question, something happened with the global feed and the question "What kind of car do you drive?" was asked instead. This happened before the Iraq War was declared and it was simply a war on terror in Afghanistan. Here is the question that was never asked:

We didn't win the Vietnam War and we didn't exactly win Desert Storm either, as Saddam Hussein is still out there posing a potential threat to national security. When will the war in Afghanistan be over and what is the eventual realistic goal?

If only I got to ask that on live television. I still wish I could have heard his answer.

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