Wednesday, January 10, 2007

From the window!

To the wall!
All these bitches crawl!
All these skeet skeet skeet skeet ....
Yay! Yay for all of us!

Hey dawgs, peep dis ->

found on random corner of internet:
This guy on the internet hates the sims and some other things and that's kinda funny.

I got these new sheets made of birchtrees. Really. REALLY. And they are really so soft and I was in there, in my bed I mean. I mean last night and this morning. And it was really great spending time in there. It made me feel really nice and encased/enveloped in a soft and gentle touch. If only hugs were made of fabric! You know what I mean? Where's all the fellahs at, you know what I am talkin about - DON'T you, fellas? Heh? Well, to be honest this wasn't too far from fabric hugs. I also like sperms. AKA liquid hugs. Ew!

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