Saturday, January 06, 2007

Just call me Eventy McActionPants

Dude, dudes, dude ... the last month or so, but most especially day by day- so much "stuff" keeps happening I feel like I am watching a tv show rather than living a life. Like, really? All these things? Mmmkay ...

Boys- OMG! Them bitches are always doin stuff.

Family- Drama! Plus I performed standup in front of my mom for the first time this week- major step for me! But it was cool and I really enjoyed sharing that with her.

Apartment and everyday living- all new and different! PLUS my apartment was on the news and something hilarious happened, will explain more later.

I saw a man get hit my a car this week. He didn't die.

My work building went on fire and then quickly was not on fire anymore.

Oh ... and job. Remember when I was going to leave Lucas and then I didn't? Well now I am for sure. I just got like the coolest job offer at the coolest company that falls in line with my comedy writing ambitions. It's to be an editor of a new website owned by a big fancy major media corporation, like a content editor- and such experience could allow me future opportunities as an editor of like, I dunno, magazines and big fancy blogs or whatevs. Plus it's fun! I get to watch funny videos and music videos and pick the best of the best as part of the job ...
But I'll remain Michael's publicist freelance. I just love the guy and we're not ready to part ways.

Oh ... and comedy. I am starting up improv classes today for the first time in like 3 years. Also got lots of shows coming up. Talent scouting street performers in Times Square and the subway is fun. See Street Meat for more info. Sexytime on Jan 26.

STUFF KEEPS HAPPENING. I like it but sheesh. So freakin eventful all the damn time.

The people over at are a bunch of crap poops. I TRIED to buy tickets to see Arcade Fire at this special performance in a lil NYC church but they sold out instantly- and their "virtual waiting room" system is just absurdly stupid and sucks. It's too easy for the bad guys to get tickets and scalp em with that system. I got up to buy them! WTF stupid jerks. They are probably all expensive on ebay right now. I am so pissed.

I am completely scared of the idea of watching Pan's Labyrinth.
I saw The Queen and it was ok, not at all as good as the hype. James Cromwell is my favorite in that movie. Mirren is great but it's just not that meaty of a role.
I started watching Domino and love it so far. She does a good job of making me want buff arms and the ability to kill with my bare hands or bear hands. And to shoot things.


More info about Sunday's show and lineup.

And once again, from now on I will be addressed as Eventy McActionPants and will be changing the name of this site to eventymcactionpants dot com
JK LOL OMG- my name is Heather.

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