Thursday, January 11, 2007

Childhood sentimentality list

Below you will find a quickly thrown together list that is non comprehensive but nonetheless applicable.

Movies that I never put on my list of favorite movies but I really really love them:
- Supergirl
- Pretty Woman
- Back to School
- Ghostbusters
- The Legend of Billy Jean

Music that I most loved on my cassette tapes in the 80s:
- Olivia Newton John
- Billy Joel
- George Michael

Last night I shared an 80 dollar steak at Frankie and Johnny's. It was so fucking awesome. And then I saw Pan's Labia-rinth (ha! JK it was the Guillermo Del Toro movie with the labyrinth in it). That's one hell of a damn movie. I thought it was gonna be all Lord of the Rings fantasy land but it's largely involved in Franco's reign during the world war. There's definite fantasy and magic, but it spends a lot of time in a hyper-grotesque real world. There's a lot of gore here which normally bothers me, but it didn't bother me here. Dunno why. Maybe the wine. But I really wasn't as bad as say, that TV program "Dexter" which I just started watching. The lady characters and the little girl are awesome and kick ass. Seeing such well developed female roles reminds you how rarely we are shown the world through the eyes of ladies and especially little girls. I recommend the movie and that fucking steak.

- This article about Yoko bothered me. First to learn that Yoko was raped in 'nam and now this asshole is using that fact as part of a bribe is totally fucked up.

Ok, peace out pretty ladies.

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