Friday, January 26, 2007

we're happy!

sexytime is tonight sexytime is tonight

One thing I do not like about going corporate is the public bathroom. When I was a young girl I used to not even be able to pee when I knew someone could hear me. I was too terrified and nervous to begin my impending stream which would undoubtedly echo through the porcelain cave below. I used to date this boy in high school who had a bathroom near the room we hung out in and I knew you could hear the peeing in there. I would always try to go pee and always fail. I would end up going home in the wee hours with all this built up having-to-pee and it sucked. As I've grown into an adult woman, I have learned to get over it. But making poopy is a whole nother thing. However I have noticed a loophole in the I make poop, it makes plop sound scenario. We have toilet seat covers (free! another of the many perks of going corporate) and when I make a poopy while the cover is on the seat, the center circle of the cover sort of hangs in the toilet. If you target that peice of paper, the poo goes there first, thereby diminishing the quick/sometimes violent plopping action, thereby diminishing- sometimes eliminating- the terrible plop noise that makes all the ladies in the bathroom think "hey someone is pooping in there" and the inevitable avoidance of eyecontact received by miss-has-to-poop-right-now (being me at this moment).

So that was Heather's tip of the day. Your welcome, friend!

Moving on, I had an audition with Best Week Ever today. It went alright but I have issues with being a generally awkward person so I feel especially awkward when I have to talk to a camera or a man who is sitting behind that camera. But I managed to have some fun and make them laugh. I don't think I wowed anyone but I think I did alright. We'll see ... ya never know. I like TV shows though so it would please me to be on one such as this.

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