Friday, February 02, 2007

Big Football Thing: My 2 Cents.

Listen, I don't like sports or anything, but I consider myself a contemporary and sports are something I'm prepared to discuss should it be occassion to do so. Now I'm not going to go googling words and things like that to find out more, but I'll just say so that you know - I am already aware that the bears are in the superbowl without anyone telling me. I'd like them to win. I like bears a lot- you take bears, put em up against most anything- I don't see how I wouldn't choose them. Unless maybe it's Cubs- everybody knows the appeal of babyizing mammals. So scratch that. If the Bears are playing the Cubs I'll root for the Cubs. Save for this example, I support the Bears. I support them because I like them.

Here is a bear in a tupperware storage container to keep him fresh:

These bears are a bunch of wiseacres:

These bears are just being themselves and letting loose:

Flirt Alert!

Bear Cubs- I told you so:

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