Sunday, February 11, 2007

I found this picture with words on it and it began to tell me a story. It's a tale of acceptance, belonging, and love from the most unlikely places. I mean yes, it's obvious, this dog and this kitten come from different worlds entirely. But that doesn't mean that a common bond can't form between these two beings just trying to get by in this miserable world (heh heh I mean who doesn't want to kill themselves really? am I right?). The world around them just doesn't understand but they don't need to hide their bond. And here they are, embracing each other out in the open, flaunting it, giving us all the reality check we so desperately need with their feisty bit of sarcasm- "I'm sorry you think this dog poses a danger." But are they sorry really? I think not.

- This just seems like something great:
Butternut Squash Ravioli with Sage Brown Butter and Bittersweet Chocolate

I saw Little Children (which is a great movie) this weekend and I swear I almost busted a nut right in Patrick Wilson's face. This man is so incredibly hot it made me and my friend want to puke. It's not just his gorgeous face and perfect body, the man just has that lil somethin special. Ugh he reminded me of this dude I dated who had a freaking perfect body and knew exactly how to use it. I absolutely hate thinking about him because physically that man was gods gift to women and I had him for like a few months but it was nothing more than physical so it couldn't last. That's a funny struggle in the human experience- the experience of extreme pleasure is something that expires. All pleasures only last for the moment you experience them, and then you either basque in the afterglow, feel pain, emptiness or missing, or sometimes you have long lasting satisfaction. Satisfaction seems like the ultimate end goal, but there's also something depressing about satisfaction since it functions like a period at the end of a sentence. Satisfaction goes hand in hand with completion. When something is complete, building and development ceases. And that is one of the ways that pain and pleasure are codependant. The pain or lacking of pleasure is the motivation to achieve pleasure and the process or journey towards satisfaction are substantive. They are motivation. Satisfaction is usually temporary and fleeting. There is a strong relationship between the content and the lazy.

Anyway sometimes it's hard to wrap your head around the experience of something great. It's like "to an athlete dying young", why wither away post-excellence? What is there really after something extraordinary? Other extraordinary things I guess. I ask myself if I should accept it as fact that I probably already had the best sex of my life. Is this aging? To resign certain feats to your past rather than consider them in the future? Is this pessimism, or is it realism? I certainly still have great sex but I did experience what I considered to be ideal. That's something I take deep satisfaction in- knowing that I am experiencing an ideal outcome of a given situation. Those rare perfect days, perfect meals, perfect meetings. There is such variety in the human experience that at least we know there can always be more of something else.

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