Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I'm not your bikini girl

Lately I've gotten an increasing number of requests to do stuff as a bikini girl, in my lingerie, or as some kind of "t and a" for the comedy world. Of all these requests, I said yes to only one, because it was being done by some very funny dudes who I trust as creative people, and whose show I trust. Well here's some news for y'all - I will be turning down anything where I don't get to speak or get showcased as a comedian - except for the occasional very reasonable sounding request.

And to those of you who may not realize this- it's insulting to me as a comedian to ask me to be your bikini girl as opposed to your comedian. (see more)

I love sex and enjoy talking about it and joking about it- but it's not about ME- it's about topical sexual situations that people can relate to. I don't care to be sexy or complimented in that way. I enjoy being in photos that are fun or interesting, but I could care less about being depicted as sexy to others. Sexyness is something that I only want to utilize in practical pursuits - meaning the only time I care to be percieved as sexy is when it's by the guy I am trying to do it with.

As for my opinion of bikini girls, we do need them and I love them. The world needs people who specialize in being hot and sexy. But that's what they are all about. These are people who want to be objects of desire. I've met many porn stars and the like and many of these people are fascinating cool individuals. I don't judge them for what they do or write them off- that's just not me. It's not what I find interesting for me to be doing. Like investment banking. I don't like the idea of being an investment banker, but if you want to go about banking investments, I'll surely support it.

It's a choice I made and I'm just going to have to move past it. What's more culturally relevant about me in the greater scheme of things will have more room to surface as I peel away the layers of who I am and who I am not. It's also time that I take responsibility for my part in this whole mess. So, Sexytime Comedy show will be put On Hiatus indefinitely at this time. It was great while it lasted and I had a great time working with my comedy partner, Brandy- but it's just not what I want to be working on right now.

I'm still someone who can talk about sexual topics when I think there's occasion to do so, but since I feel it's overshadowing the other aspects of my creative material, all of that is getting shelved via gingerly lubed fist onto the back burner of my throbbing loveparts.


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