Thursday, February 01, 2007

Listen guys, I've pretty much got A LOT of useful links in here. I'm not trying to brag or be all cocky or anything, but, well, blam:

I am really diggin miss Esther Ku's song on Youtube.

And I love this Muse "Hysteria" music video which I didn't realize was on Youtube until just now. Justin Theroux sweaty body is made up of 100% I-wanna-bone-you juice. It takes like freakin strawberries.

I had a Nestle chocolate bar- I thought it would be like a Hershey's chocolate bar or a college boy- cheap but good. I was wrong. It sucks pretty badly. I do like crunch bars but this "milk chocolate bar" is no crunch bar by any means.

Saw Sarah Silverman perform last night. I do think she's a brilliant genius/hero- She was like the only hot woman doing standup in the late 90s (when the modern alternative brand of comedy started to dominate the scene) with real confidence, bravado, and talent. Now there's a lot more hot lady comedians but she was the first chick to take a stage and own it with the same cocky bravado as her male counterparts- and it's that kickass machismo that has influenced me since I was super young- something I first saw in Madonna, Kate Hepburn, Linda Hamilton in T2, and my mother. Sure we've got a lot of bikini babes with machine guns these days (Charlies Angels) but it often comes off campy and not believable. Naturally because it is all an act. Peeps like Sarah are 4 real.

Related: Sarah in Way of the Gun (the only good thing in that movie)

But the show wasn't so great. Sarah didn't do anything new, but I really enjoyed previews of the Sarah Silverman Program. That looks fantastic. The highlight of the show was Sarah's opening act, Tig Notaro, who did an amazing job and the crowd just loved it. I also saw Tig perform at Mo's on Monday night, where TJ Miller and Pete Holmes had their new show. She also made quite a few laughs come out of me.

Ooh speaking of Monday- I saw a young Wainwright girl, Lucy Roche, make music at the Living Room. Her voice was extremely lovely.

I am really into this artwork- the wallpapers make some fantastic computer desktopping.

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