Sunday, February 04, 2007

They are Internet Millionaires.

It's puppybowl all day today! The PERFECT background for my joyous day of staying in and writing- something I'm taking in as the ultimate luxury right now. (One sidenote though, the kitty halftime show was a real disappointment this year. Last year the kitties were much cuter and itty bittier. These kitties are almost cats which is a huge let down.)

Speaking of the superbowl, my funny and awesome pals made some fun fake Superbowl commercials related to a new TV show they created. The idea for their show is that these young guys created a site like facebook or myspace, and now they are super rich and fancy and they try and be all corportate but it's kind of a joke. I saw a bit of the show and it's fucking hilarious. These clips are funny and what I've seen of the show itself is even better. They can't put it on youtube yet but when they do I'll keep you posted.

These youtube videos are made by the production company- Chubby Skinny Kids Productions (Doug Mand, Adam Pally & Dan Gregor - who you may know from the NYC sketch group "Hammerkatz")- in conjunction with their sitcom pilot- "We Are Internet Millionaires". The main characters in the show become overnight millionaires, and are now in charge of a major corporation. The only problem is, they have no fuckin clue how to run a major corporation. The show was developed with ABC & Touchstone, and with Gabe Sachs & Jeff Judah (Freaks & Geeks, Just Shoot Me).

These are the dumbass commercials their fictional CEOs would have made for the Super Bowl.


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