Thursday, February 08, 2007

Welcome to Thursday

- Announcement: I am going to the shooting range on VDay this year- While the rest of you homos are eating cupcakes and hugging, I am going to be firing cold hard steel!
At a time when America is at war and blood is being shed on behalf of sinister world leaders, I can't think of a better thing to do than learn to shoot violence machines. I'll certainly have to blog ALL about the experience. Do check back for the report.
- Sexytime lineup announced! Check
- I'm seeing Calexico at the Allen Room tonight.
- Because I watched that Web 2.0 video (2 posts down), I decided it was time for me to tag my posts. How do you feel about that?
- My mom is a business woman superstar. She works at a big fancy company as a Manager of corportate accounts (I think) and just when I thought my mom couldn't impress me more, she was awarded MVP (Most Valuable Player), Account Manager of the Year and other stuff for her department and some fancy prize. God it's so inspiring to have a mom kick so much ass all the time. More about my working mom.

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