Monday, March 26, 2007

I may have had a blah weekend, but at least I found the stink

There was an awful, unpleasant odor in my apartment, and it lingered after I took out the trash and tossed away some items in the fridge. I began to feel insecure about myself for being so conducive to the production of such smells. Am I smelly? Where they right all this time - I am stinky finky?

But I found the stink!

A rotten onion, sitting on a shelf in the shade, a soupy mess inside an inconspicuous peel, a happy little sigh of relief. It's not me, onion, it's you.


Home Sweet Home is a cool bar.

I FINNNNNAAALLLLY got a new digital camera. Flickr page will be big pimpin majorly VERY SOON. What do you want me to take pictures of? Turtles? Stuff that looks like turtles? Any other suggestions? Please tell em to me now!

back to bidness.

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