Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I'm feeling sick but I reeeeaallly want to blog to you right now

and I'm feeling bad and sad about it because there's all these great things I want to tell you about but I just know I'm not going to be any good at it on account of my being under the weathers. I'm sorry about it, like a lot sorry. Well anyways ok, gulp .... big gulp .... here goes - here's the great stuff I want to tell you all about ok ok ok okok:


Please explore "My Therapy Buddy" with sound. It will be a rewarding experience:
click this thingy.
"My Therapy Buddy is a transitional object. It's a wonderfully soft and huggable friend. My Therapy Buddy for psychotherapy, trauma, anxiety, depression, psychic, emotional, or transitional therapy. A teddy bear like therapeutic companion for distress, counseling and therapy."

Look at the inventor talk about his thing also.

I think that might be Cindy Crawford! How exciting.

Ok now I am going to talk about another thing. (UGH so sorry for screwing this whole thing up I just had to share all these things with you even though I know I'm not giving you my all right now. Suckfest alert. All in my brains and domains and URL. I'm CRYING. DYING INSIDE. Blog is so important. SOOOO Important. Momma always said, hey don't screw it up. Where's my pocketbook? Maybe I shoulda kept all that to myself. But what you will see here is that I didn't.)

So in a prior bloggging I had mentioned how weird it is that NBC created a blog for the character Hiro on Heroes and people actually comment on it like he's real. And not only is he a fake person, he's also a character that teleports so it's extra creepy that folks take him seriously. Wellllllllll, check out

I really like kittens every day, but I think there's not much to say about them. I mean it's like, BLAM - kitten- pet it and stuff. But at Daily Kitten people have lots to say. There's like 200 freakin comments on the kittens. I don't like it one bit. People say stuff like "my what a beauty." WOAH NO TOO WEIRD TOO WEIRD FOR ME.

Oh man. I'm glad I got through this. And we did it together.

grabbin butts!
You and me!

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