Sunday, March 04, 2007

I'm wearing my surprise pants just for you

so you should be more grateful. Ingrate.

Arf! Are you talking to me?

Yes I'm talking to you, puppy.

But I've got my surprise pants on too. Forgive me for being a little thrown off by the coincidence of this whole situation.

Ok puppy you need to give me a little space and stop making this all about you. I have a blog to write here.

No problem. Just give me a minute or so and you'll never have to be bothered by me again.

Puppy, is that a rifle?


MY rifle?


You didn't ask to borrow it.

Can't I even shoot myself without it turning into some argument?

Woah puppy calm down I don't see why this has to go there.

I just ... god, nevermind, I'm going to go play tetris.

You're really good at that.


Hello, friend. Sorry for the sparsity of quality blog postings. As of late I just get a little obsessed with writing as much shit as I possibly can- but not like blogs just workin on my projects.

My friend and fellow Street Meater Adam Newman was just in a freakin huge ad campaign shot by Terry Richardson!

This is the video for Aerosmith's Crazy. It was the end result in a crazy fit of drunk manic youtubing. One in which I could not get sucked out of as they pulled me back in moment by moment. ANYWAYS look at these ladies. Back in the 90s, women had bodies. Think Kathy Ireland, Christie Brinkley, these chicks. They were skinny- but that's not what you thought when you looked at them- these ladies were babes and they were a lot thicker than today's hot chick. I know you've heard this before but I just want to remind people- what the fuck is up with how skinny hot chicks have to be on camera these days? Why can't they just be in shape or something? I was watching this Jesse Jane "film" that was really high budget and it was so disgusting cause she's so obviously anorexic - you could see her bones and the outlines of her implants and her vagina bones. VAGINA BONES. Arg. It's just one of those things that doesn't stop being annoying and doesn't seem to show any signs of changing. I think that the rise of video culture- meaning that we video tape and record everything- has a whole lot to do with why the trend has changed for women's bodies to be waifishly thin. The constant eye on the constantly inhuman body.

Back to talking about this modern world and how balls out crazy it is ... NBC paid people to write a fake blog for their character Hiro and people are actually leaving comments for the tv show character. It's a fact.

Back to talking about Youtube. Over a year ago I saw this Jim Henson retrospective at BAM. They showed all this obscure early stuff of his that blew my mind so hard I'd been dying to see it again. Well I found something! Blam ---- (watch it the whole way through to see how much cooler they are than you and me) !!!!

And check out this crazy bitch from America's Next Top Model! She's amazing.

Ok, that's all for now. About that obsessive writing thing- I just get so worked up about my free time trying to make sure I am working on all the stuff I can, making the most of it. I've decided to focus a lot on writing video specifically for web. I don't know who I am going to shoot any of it with but I just want to have a bunch of really good scripts. Plus theres the book, Terminator 4, and standup. Oh and I wrote a new Street Meat video (we make those for our live show and the next one is March 19 at Cake Shop) .... soooo that's what I'm up to.

How about you?

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