Friday, March 09, 2007

Kate Winslet- u got my back, girl.

This morning on the subway I saw this girl get on and her butt was all in my face because I was sitting and she was standing and I was all thinking - UGH I wish I had those skinny lil thighs so I could wear those skinny lil pants and then I looked up and realized she was like 10 years old. When does the skinny trend go from thin-ness to actually looking like you have the body of a child- unwomanly and prepubescent? I dunno- but my girl Kate said something cool:

Winslet wins diet story damages
"I feel very strongly that 'curves' are natural, womanly and real. I shall continue to hope that women are able to believe in themselves for who they are inside, and not feel under such incredible pressure to be unnaturally thin."

And I have gone through some weight fluctuation over the past few years. In high school I was a healthy size, but I put on some college pounds that I didn't like. Then came a terrible breakup and I was anorexic looking with a thin bobble head face deal. Now I've put some back on and I think I look most, I dunno- normal. I'm cool with it. Sure- I get mad at my armfats as they are useless and unproductive, or the explosive quantity of ass that makes outfitting them so difficult- some pants are rather unforgiving. But I'm healthy, and I eat right, and so whatever this thing is that I'm encased in, shape or size, it must be right, because I'm treating it the way it's supposed to be treated.

I was raised by a woman who was a lil overweight in her older years. But she never talked about it or complained. She's happy, productive, ambitious, and impressive. She's so much more than a pretty lady- I mean hell- she works for a huge company and was just awarded the best at her job in the whole world- all divisions! All in all she's a phenomenal role model. We didn't really talk about weight or food or stuff like all obsessive. I am sure I've never ever heard my mother say "I feel fat". I didn't even know that eating less could really make you lose weight until I learned from that post-breakup depression where I wasn't eating. That made a difference. Just as it made a difference in my confidence and ambition in life that she lead by example- showing me that she could do anything gave me some crazy idea that maybe I could too.

In other news, while I feel very secure about my web presense, I feel very insecure about my web video presense and it's drivin me crazy. I've been writing lots of web videos. I SURE HOPE I CAN SHARE MYSELF WITH YOU ALL MULTIMEDIA LIKE SOON! THEN I'LL REALLY BE A SOMEBODY.

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