Friday, March 30, 2007

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I really enjoyed last night's set at Rififi. I tried a new style of comedy that felt different, but it really felt right. In my first year of doing standup I was able to develop a pretty good set of jokes that I felt alright about. But in my second year I feel like it's more about experimenting and trying to figure out what's really authentically me. Last night I felt like I made that step for myself, and I've been developing all of my new jokes around this. So if you see any of my new standup from now on, it will be very different from what you've seen me do. I'm excited and enjoy doing jokes this way much much more. Ima findin' mahself!

In England there is a female comic named Catherine Tate who is well loved over there. She's got a bunch of funny characters. One of her most popular characters, Lauren, has a catch phrase "Am I bothered" which basically means, "Do I look like I give a fuck?"

Anyhoo, she makes me laugh, and in a feat of British amazingness, their PM Tony Blair does himself some sketch comedy with Catherine Tate. Amazing!

Catherine Tate with Tony Blair

zero gravity beach chair
I don't know how they took the gravity out of this beach chair but they did

but what I really want is to be king of my roof-

can you IMAGINE me in this!

Also, I like this music video:

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