Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Ahhhhh. This is how I feel when I look at my lolcats.

I am in a greeeattttttt mood today! Summer is so nice! The show was so fun last night! Can't wait to get our last Street Meat video uploaded to the internet. Adam should have done it this morning but he is an incompetent fart bukkit so u gotta wait till evening time.

The audience was fantastic- it always feels good to have a happy, enthusiastic, real people (not all comedians) crowd and that's what we had. BUT they didn't drink a lot so the bar owner talked to us after the show. He said he really enjoyed the show but the sales were low so we had to talk about what we can do to up alcohol sales cause he wants to keep it. So he suggested we make the show free so it encourages people to spend money on drinks. Anyhoo he seemed to feel bad for coming down on us so he kept buying me and Adam and anyone who stayed TONS of shots! It was hilarious. I could only last till about 8 of them. Adam doesn't remember how he got home last night. Amazing!

ALL the performers on last night's show made me laugh and marvel at their awesomeness. Luke Cunningham was a wall street douchebag who had pushup competitions in the street. Lots of great physical comedy. Marcus Monroe wowed the crap out of everyone with his juggling and other such feats, and was funny about it too. Carolyn Castiglia crazied it up fantastically with all makeups all over and she mooshed some on my face too as a nuts Avon lady. Hayes Hargrove was a post-acid musician dude whose invisible band included Edward James Olmos!, and Rob Lathan made stilt dancing hilarious most especially by doing the Worm on stilts! He was also too tall and the ceiling too low that his head touched the top n that was funny too.


I cannot get enough of those.

Also- I PROTEST COMEDIAN ERIC ANDRE. I used to think he was a swell fellow, but he showed the most disgusting video ever at Olde English's new UCB show on Saturday night (WHICH I Totally recommend- their opening bit was both really well presented and executed, but a totally original take on recent events, impressive!). Anyhow. I PROTEST MR ANDRE. He showed a video at their show which was the most disgusting thing I ever saw, and I once worked in gay porn - there was butt fisting! This was worse. It was some nasty metal video where a fat man who foamed and the mouth attacked these people in the forest- the people in the forest were father and daughter making out - then this guy stabs the girl in the face, pulls out her guts, cuts off her boob, and then takes the blood and mastermates on her, and the video shows his thingy with all the blood on it. SO GROSS. Unite against him! First step of this movement is to poke him in the arm real hard when you see him. DO IT.

Furthermore, I really enjoyed doing The Future Mrs Goldman's show on Sunday, even though I felt super sick. Not feeling sick anymore though. Shots last night were nature's best medicine.

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