Monday, April 23, 2007

I most certainly do not have my wits about me,

or as some might say, I'm a nitwit! But not always, just today I'm more nitwitty/less witted than usual cuz I R NOT FEELIN GOOD.

not feelin well

My throat is hurty and my head is all like, woah, and in a daze plus I'm out of it!
But it's not making me sad. Cuz I R LIKIN THE SUN n I R LIKIN THE STREET MEAT TONIGHT

My game plan for today is as follows:
save it for tonight.

No crazy dancing.
I gotta calm the F down and chill it up.

Then the show starts and I'm like BLAM

That's the plan.

It will work.

Won't you join me?

It's at Cake Shop, 152 Ludlow St
See videos!

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