Thursday, April 26, 2007


Ok - so here's the thing: at this point in time, you really can't know me, understand me, or be a part of my world without really getting into lolcats, or lollercats as I like to say it. These lollercats are so pervasive, so lovable, and so silly, that my brain has started to think lollercat style. It's really quite addictive. Like right now, I'm thinking, "I'm up in mi blog, typin my htmls". If you don't understand this, it's time I gave you a lesson.

- "Kitteh 101" - the guide to the lolcat language
- Gordon's LolCat Builder
- Wikipedia's history and information on lolcats

And of course, the dominion of all lolcat wonderment,

Please reference the Cheezburger thread so you can understand the origin of the site name.

This lolcat was made for me as a gift, the nicest gift ever, from Rachel Ray.

Anyhow, now you can be capable of having a drink with me, because this is basically what I get into, and I'm REALLY REALLY into this. This and talkin about scissors, marshmellow stuffed mushrooms, and stuff relating to fists and d*ckholes.

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