Friday, April 20, 2007

Prettyiest 420 ever

Sun is shining.
Bunnies celebratin.

Last night's show went well. It was a very different crowd than Rififi - Grandma's Candy Box's notoriously drunk and lively crowd- which I love. I opened the show with my new set, which is markedly off-beat/weird, and it worked. I felt good about it so I'm hoping to keep doing this on as many shows as I can. I don't think it will work in every kind of room though, so we'll see.

- I luv Alec Baldwin so much but this makes me sad. I dunno, sometimes people say ugly things when it comes to family, maybe we shouldn't judge? Maybe he apologized? I hate how celebs are constantly monitored off the air. It's really awful though. And crazy.

- Toilet smashing video, in case you missed it.

- Ash's 1996 Album, titled "1977", was ahead of its time and had a really fresh indie sound. They have a big single in the UK right now. Hope they come here soon.

- Sexdoll for dogs. Good gift for mother's day?

- Check out these music vids

- Trailer for my 3rd most favorite movie ever, The Princess and the Warrior. Too many of my friends haven't seen it yet. Booo. Especially when Benno Furmann is that friggin sexy.

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