Monday, April 30, 2007

Steve Jobs: Sexy Dreamboat Man-Crush!

So I didn't drink or smoke AT ALL this weekend. My throat was kinda sore and I want to muscle up for the months ahead and get rid of this latent cold. But it's ok cause I stayed in with my new sexy boyfriend, Steve Jobs. Back in the 90s I saw Pirates of Silicon Valley and loved it. It's a TV movie so I never caught it again- but this weekend it was on TNT Movies On Demand, hooray!

Anyhow, it always struck me that they chose to cast Noah Wyle as Steve Jobs so I wondered if young Steve Jobs was that hot- and my findings show that he was! Steve Jobs is such a dreamboat! I saw these amazing youtube videos too- and you can see how he's this smug, asshole genius that marches to the beat of his own drum - so hot! He's just insanely sexy, I mean yeah I know it's my personal taste here- I think computers and tech dork stuff is totally hot, and I'm fascinated by computer history and old formats so the dialog adds to the sexy appeal but man, I have a new crush!

STEVE JOBS OF THE 70s and 80s I wanna touch your thingy!

Oh, and the movie is really really good. If you have Time Warner, theres all these free on demand channels above 1000. Catch it if you still can.

Enjoy these old youtube vids for their historical significance and for Steve's cuteness and unique "way about him" (he was apparently kind of a dick and said some crazy shit to say the least). I also adore his anti-establishment "think different" conquest.

Here's Jobs speech introducing the famous 1984 commercial:

And here he's especially hot, as he demos the Macintosh in 1984:

Here's a video where Noah Wyle and Jobs share the stage

Now it's picture time!

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