Tuesday, April 17, 2007

This blog is getting so sandpapery lately

or like, if you had a mouthful of sand, really finely granulated, all powdery in your mouth, it's all like, pleck, Fssspppt, spit the blogpowder out of your mouth, so dry, git it out, BLAND NO FLAVOR IN THIS POWDER VERY BAD.

Cuz it's really losing some of that "oomph" it had earlier. You know, before.

And I'm sorry. I know it.

It's the corporate world. It's desensitizing my brain.

Sorry for the complaining. Am so grateful for nice job at fancy place, yes!
But cubicles and flowcharts are like fuzzy socks on my brain, providing too much ordinary comfort and numb thoughts.

Will try to get groove back. Feel free to punish me by sending me pictures of unattractive cats or even worse, your original poetry. Thanks.

(ps, NSFW, unless you wear headphones)

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