Thursday, April 12, 2007

This guy has got a bucket on his head. wow!

Imus: I've Apologized Enough. I agree. News Pop Culture behaves like asses. I totally F'ing hate when people make too big of a deal out of things. You can't throw years of angst towards mysogeny and racism on one idiot. I don't think Imus should have his show because his comments are evidence that he's not the most engaging personality, and doesn't have the most interesting or original things to say- I wish that we could strike tons of tv personalities off the air and replace them with more intelligent and charismatic people who don't say stupid stuff like calling female athetic champions hos. But I don't think that all the official action, statements and apologies should go on like this. I think some of it was necessary- absolutely give this man shit for what he said. But it's gone too far and it's disgusting. It is culturally relevant however, to remind us that sexism and racism casually infiltrate people's mentalities on a wide spread basis. So the dialogue continues. But Queen Latifah said it best years ago, where's she at now? U N I T Y You gotta let em know you aint a bitch or a ho.

Anyhow, from watching CNN in 2007, I have learned the following things: Anna Nicole Smith is dead, Britney Spears shaved her balls, and Imus called the Rutgers Female BBall Champs Nappy-Headed Hos. That's basically it. LEARNING.

Last night we finished shooting for Episode 2 of Meats. Nathan Kloke has been super great to work with on this. We said we needed to light stuff on fire for this one, and so he went and researched how to light stuff on fire for the camera in the best way possible without burning stuff you don't want to be burned. Needless to say he got the perfect shot. Also of note, one of the shots required and Adam and I drink a glass of red wine while looking adoringly at each other. Doing this made me laugh so hard, that I laughed into the wine glass and the wine spurted out everywhere- all over Adam's shirt, on Nathan's chair, and in my eyes and it felt like burning. Burning! I like that. EYEZ BURNIN N FIRE BURNIN WEDNESDAY. That's what it was.

Earlier yesterday I saw Mo Rocca filming something for People in front of my building at work. He had grey hair and a pleasant smile. Something about him made me want to poke him but I held back and ate my frozen yogurt peacefully and without consequence instead.

Hay! Here's a really funny video from the Showalter show with Paul Rudd spoofing that Huckabees thang.

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