Friday, April 13, 2007


Wisdom is the plaque built up from the decay of time.
Age and time linearly passing
You cannot built or create without destruction or manipulating elements that have been shaped

To create is to destroy
A thing in pure form is used as an element of any creation
An idea
A recipe
A construction

In order to create you must destroy the original nature of an element
When it combines to create the new thing it is no longer itself
And the same is true for the human being.

To create a life, life's journey, an experience,
the human being must age, decay, get his hands dirty from all the living he is doing

So as we build upon our abilities
and learn better who we are
what we want
and how we can do these things
we simultaneously decay
in our aging bodies
with our mistakes quietly hovering sometimes screaming through our entrails
we are constantly digesting
and expelling at the same time

We are subject to cycles of decay and creation as mortal, ethereal things
But not time
There is no beginning of time
No end of time
Only the middle
And so it is linear and it is free.
We are slaves to our own cycles.

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