Monday, May 14, 2007

Am animal

Dude. Dude. Seriously. I had a GREAT WEEKEND.

Man oh man. I partied my ass off. I partied so hard that I have like eleven bruises to show for it. Friday, Saturday and Sunday night there were great parties going on. Most especially Friday. Friday night I had my first roof party at my new apartment!

I want a Christmas ornament for it. I demand one. And I want it to say "Heather's First Very Fun Roof Party".

What made it most especially fun was that it was totally last minute. I had like over a hundred peeps on my roof and I decided to throw the party around 7pm last night. Thanks to the urging of Mr. Zimmer. He was our bartender and supplied a decked out bar. The fact that the party was a good one with lots of folks having fun made me feel great inside. When I was younger, like in high school, I was known about town for having the best parties. No modesty here about that. I am flat out proud of it. When I was in college, and living in Hoboken, I lost my ability to throw good parties. My apartments simply weren't any good for it. Now I have a roof! I big one. In a fun neighborhood where people like to be. And so I feel I have most certainly restored a fundamental element of my identity. F yeah.

Then on Saturday and Sunday during the days I made sure to get out of my house and ENJOY ME SOME LIFE. And I got new highlights, red ones and blonde ones and they are pretty cool.

Anyhow, the moral of the story is that I am a party animal and that's what suits me best, making me happy and in turn providing the most hospitable environ for me to make you LOLz. And also is encouraging of me giving hugs. So that's good if you're into that.

PS- Video Schmideo Episode 2 = Hilarious.

Pictures from Friday on my flickr page.

That's a good illustration of my Saturday night.

Also, you better come to Street Meat tonight. It's ON.

Lol Presidents!

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