Thursday, May 24, 2007

bienvenidos my baby

I've been busting my nut for a little while now. I just took my new G4 Powerbook home and it's all that I've wanted and more. I can't even look at it. I'm just so humbled by it's sleek, functional, Intel Core raw double-layer SuperDrive Radeon Hyperpowered computeredness. I'll install Final Cut after I get back from MIAMI. Cause that's where I'll be for the the next 5 days.

But before I go, why don't you enjoy:
- A preview of some new TV shows
- A list! Of TV catch phrases!
- Downloadable mashups!
- Your VERY OWN hospital bed!
- Two top lolcats of the week:

- The comic book series I am currently reading/recommending:
Jack of Fables
The Exterminators
Ex Machina
Y the Last Man

And sorry to those who didn't like the judging in last night's LVHRD event. SORRY I WON'T CATER TO YOUR POPULARITY CONTEST PEOPLE, that lady was fully committed to her character and stepped it up a notch, even if you thought she was annoying. Sure, I adored some of the other contestants- but this is supposed to be fun times, not 4 serious! I am sure the non-winning contestants enjoyed themselves just swimmingly. I do wish however that we got mikes throughout the show. There was some rather interesting banter occurring throughout. Unfortunately I am finding it unsafe to drink so much and own a cellphone at the same time. There was free Dewars, people. And whenever I walk home I always think "ooh this is a great time to call someone I hardly talk to out of the blue." Huh? What I talking about? No more of that.

Tip of the moment: Slappy pancake hands aren't funny anymore because they are too obvious. Crab sandwhiches and Hamz too. OBVIOUS! Not obvious: Egg flavoring, Endives, Yukon gold potatoes.

Ok, time to finish packing. I got a half a condom, some orange rinds, a handsome lot of rotten salsa, a melted fork, and a hormel salami wrapper in this bag. Sure, it's not my luggage bag, it's my trash bag. But then again that's just the type of loose cannon I am, constantly challenging myself with inefficiencies. You try it! Be like me! Talk about nothing! Just like they did on that Seinfeld with the 3 guys and that lady - hoo boy they were in a sitcom were they ever.

mmf, now it's time to make the metal syntax donuts (made of raw fibers)
(ps that last thing I said about the donuts really shouldn't have been typed or shared because they are words that lack all and any meaning, and are nothing but a vacant shell of empty this degraded tool, the written word) OMG STOP IT HEATHER ITS TIME FOR BED.

Apologies, as ever, for the indigestion.

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