Monday, May 21, 2007

Hey y'all, It's another exciting day!

Congratulations me - I smooshed a dead mouse with my knee this weekend. JK, It was so very repulsive. I was looking for something in the attic at my parent's house and I didn't see the mousetrap with dead mouse .. so I kneeled into it. Then I wondered, what is cold and wet and on my knee skin? Oh ... mouse carcass.

Got a lot of boring stuff done this weekend that I had to get out of the way and I didn't party particularly hard. BUT OLDE ENGLISH BLEW MY MIND THIS WEEKEND! Their show on Saturday was bloody fantastic. And what added to the fun was their lineup was all my friends! How nice is that? They are seriously sooo good. You know how you think some people are funny, but you understand if they write a sucky sketch or bit here and there? Well I've seen Olde English's live show 2 times now and both times they were awesome, this last show even better. Plus they showed a video which has to be one of the smartest, most thoughtfully executed comedy videos I've seen. It made fun of Michel Gondry, a director that I worship and see as a massive influence on fusing sensitivity/cleverness with the capabilities of digital filmmaking - AND MICHEL GONDRY WAS THERE! It was kind of random how he wound up in the audience, but nonetheless, there he was.

Oh, and I saw Ricky Gervais at the highline festival this weekend. He's pretty damn brilliant.

Check out Mickey Avalon's "Jane Fonda" fun, catchy LA trash.
Jake Fogelnest interviewing Weezer. Check more of his videos to find somethin from back in the day with The State.

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