Friday, May 18, 2007

New Comedy TV Shows, a roundup:

Flight of the Conchords- Went to a NY screening of this last night. There were nice people there, but it was really lame to have an event like that with none of the cast there. That cast is largely made up of NYC comedians. I've been to smaller events with bigger stars and they showed up.
That aside- I think the show is great. If you've read this blog, you know I'm a big Flight of the Conchords fan. I was lucky enough to catch their first US performance back in '04 and they blew me away.
ANYHOO- THE VERDICT: It's a really smart show with subdued humor. There's a lot of nuances and subtleties that carry their jokes. The guys also play with the "adorable factor" in a borderline self-depreciating way but never overtly negative. I am not sure it's going to do well in the US though. Seems like it would kill in England. Their songs are funnier live. Oh, and they filmed all in my neighborhood!

See them live in NY with Eugene Mirman or Rhys Darby.
Jemaine Clement interview.

Fat Guy Stuck in Internet
- Ok, so I'm biased, but thank god for this unique, ridiculous, absurd funfest that calls on our generations' computer sentimentalities. Thumbs Up. It's an exciting, well-executed show all around.

Human Giant- Ummm ... The big budgetness is nice. These guys are all good writers. What's awkward for me is why they are working together. They weren't exactly a sketch group or anything beforehand. Most shows like this, the guys seem like more of a group. I have a crush on Rob Huebel and find him attractive. So it's especially nice to see him. Anyhow- I think they are all talented writers and some good sketches have come out of this. But I do find their grouping awkward and so something is missing for me. It's also weird to have older guys on MTV, a network dominated by teen and 20 year old talent.

Whitest Kids U Know- My favorite sketches of theirs are smart because each line is not predictable. The Deer sketch and Timmy Poops His Pants. Each line of dialog is unpredictable and interesting so bravo to that. My only complaint is that some sketches are very teen oriented, which does sell, but it doesn't appeal to me. Especially unnecessary uses of bikini girls or boobs, which aren't funny, just degrading. I am also not into Hitler jokes, though I've heard their Hitler rap is their most popular sketch. Their greatest strength is their group unity, sense of camaraderie, and "dude" appeal. Plus they are strong actors.

From a friend on the West Coast:
Cavemen- So it's been criticized for being a stupid concept ... but I heard that Nick Kroll is so fantastic as the Caveman that he steals the show.

- Rumor is that it's a unanimous thumbs down. I'm sorry to hear that cause I gots a friend in the show. No problem for him though. He's a rising star and this is a great career move anyway.

And in related news, in case anybody missed this, Sacha Baron Cohen, Oxford trained actor, will star as Freddie Mercury in an upcoming biopic. I'm excited to see it! He's such a fantastic performer.

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