Monday, May 07, 2007

This weekend I ...

... made nice with Michael Lucas;
- got bruises on left arm and right hip;
- threw a chicken out the window, doused it in lighter fluid, and lit it on fire;
- discovered that these eggs in my fridge are expired, put em back in but made mental note they were no good;
- and hmm, discovered that I like Carrie Underwood (don't you judge me, don't you DARE judge me).



Oh also, Brandi Carlile. I had the VH1 video countdown on (don't you judge me, don't you DARE judge me) and I saw her video for "The Story". This song is soo good! Her voice is so incredibly passionate and it's just a well written song. Plus she kinda rocks out towards the end. Here's a youtube of it from a live show.

Back to Michael, who if you don't know already - he's my old boss/pornstar- it seriously bothered me how we had stopped talking and I really missed him as a friend. I still hear from people we both know and check out his blog and news stories about him from time to time. I called him on Friday to make up, and so without all the details, that's what happened. This made me really happy because when I look back on everything, the drama and even shitty times, overall, working there was a great experience and a fantastic adventure. Plus I worked with him in such a close way, the way I got to know him is unlike any way that I know anybody else. And so he's pretty darn special! I learned every intimate detail about him, and could even complete his sentences at times. Anyhow, he's got a lot of interesting things going on, check out this stuff:
- Wall Street Journal on his win of the LDV lawsuit
- The very interesting court documents (pdf)
- And his blog (NSFW)
- And here's a bit from my cameo in La Dolce Vita. A blooper. I thought that was fun times.

Other fun:
- Sorry for yalls loss

Also recently, I was in a video shot by Olde English. Here's some pictures.

And about that chicken, it's cuz we were making a video for the next Street Meat show (Monday May 14!). After shooting that videroo, Adam and I walked from Fort Greene to Park Slope. He decided he really wanted these new red Air Jordans. I understand why. They are f'ing awesome. BUT Nike's all a bunch of dicks cause they make you buy them in pairs ( a red pair and yellow pair in a set for over 200 bucks). I told him he could get them separately on the internet. He didn't believe me and I was right! Then on Sunday I saw Mike Burns wearing a patent leather version of this lovely shoe. He is officially the most stylish male comedian in New York. You should peep his threads if and when you see him. Saw him at Vince Averill/Jesse Popp's show at Beauty Bar. I liked all the people's there. And it was my first time seeing Chris Jurek, who made me LOL really hard.

By the way, the bartender at Freeman's makes a mean Mint Julep. And one of the bartenders there is really really adorable. Plus I only recently discovered the bigger bar in the back - making it my new default evening bar. Oh and also for brunch. They got poached egg with cheesy grits and a roasted tomato. 2 DIE 4!

PS- See me perform tonight in Williamsburg Brooklyn. If you want. Or whatever.

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