Thursday, May 31, 2007

U R Fat. But I R envious. Will be stealin UR fats when you sleep n takin em to my private bunker.

Hey LOL Kitty, you think like Paris Hilton!

Hmmm.... so in short Miami Miami blah blah blah .... predictably lovely and all that beach sand hot sun what a priveledged life we lead sort of stuff, got tan, got burnt, got blazed, cocktails. Most especially liked spending time loafing around The Standard. Had a very difficult time letting go of my NYC obligations. I am a person who has a day job in the new media industry, which excites me because I am really into techy stuff.

But how can I balance all of these projects? The memoir on working in gay pornos, Terminator 4 the Musical? Those are the most daunting of them all. Most timely are Street Meat and Analog Dreamz shows that are coming up. Plus A LOT of video work. And Adam and I are doing this big 2 person show in Athens Georgia this fall, which is really a prep for a 2 person show we are developing for tour ... and we've got 4 different video series we've written and are ready to shoot. Uh .. there's other stuff too but I just realized this sounds like complaining AND it's boring to write so we'll stop that right here and now.


Just a reminder of a time long forgot: "Who has put pubic hair on my Coke?"

Portishead, incredible Trip-Hop innovators, is performing again, this December in the UK.

I remember CNN Talkback Live, check out this awesome clip I found from Mr. Rob Lathan pranking the show.

Also, I'm having an open to the public birthday celebration after the next Street Meat at Cake Shop on Monday June 11. Show is at 8, party is at 10.


Ok, onto more thoughts. I have been reading the comic book DMZ about a future shortly after 9/11 where these Free Armies, made of radical conservatives who are fed up with the government, start an American Civil War. They are divided along Manhattan, with America on the East/New England side/Long Island and BKLYN, and NJ/rest of the country is part of the Free Army. Manhattan is no man's land, supposedly belonging to the terrorists. It's pretty damn cool, read more here.

And I saw Children of Men over the break. It got me thinking about Fear and the fact that so many of us envision a horribly bleak future. The conservatives live in fear of god, terrorists, non-conformity, and foreign cultures corrupting or terrorizing America. But we liberals also live in fear. Liberals are motivated by their fear of fascism, a too-strong state, and the destruction of the environment and erosion of civil liberties (same as fear of fascism).

I'm not sure that the future will be so bleak and terrible. I do believe that human culture has evolved in a positive direction over time. We have nuclear warheads that could explode the earth but we do not set them off. I believe collectively that we live in a world of balance. The future will absolutely not be all bad. I think it will continue as it is as a balance of good and evil as it has been since the beginning of time. Also, I'm not cool with the fact that our society is directed by fear. Fear is a manipulative tool that causes people to have irrational and unreasonable responses to the world they inhabit. Not cool.

That said, I am happy that I left the world of politics. (It really seems nobody wants to stick with being a lawyer anymore.) Times have changed and government is no place for someone that wants to change the world. Campaigns are completely unrelated to the reality of a government's behavior. They are nothing but a war of ideas and manipulation of truth. Art mirrors life and life mirrors art. It is through creative endeavors that our culture has hope to evolve into something better.

And that said, vote for Hillary. She's competent, respectable, intelligent, and most of all a WOMAN. I just want to see a woman in the white house. I don't believe any of the candidates are all that great really. So, hey, why not vote for the Hillmiester! Your guy sucks anyways.

Ok, I'll go now. While I was in Miami I reflected on some other things. I'll share them later.

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