Monday, June 04, 2007

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The Democratic Primary Debate:
So yes I'm completely disenfranchised by modern American politics BUT I really enjoyed what I saw of last night's democrat debate. It did fire up my old political flames and that's a very hopeful sign for things to come. I was on the fence about Hillary vs Obama but honestly I don't think Obama is a good choice. He's incredibly young and inexperienced. I think he'd be more ready for the office of the President with a decade of political experience under his wing- but this presidential run will create prime positioning for him in the future (if not a great spot for him as Vice Prez). Biden also did an excellent job and pleased me.

But Hillary is truly presidential. She's been ready for this for nearly 2 decades now. The American people may not like her but it's always been easy for them to imagine her as president. There were jokes that she ran the office ever since Bill was prez and I think that says an awful lot. We know she's intelligent, dignified and as qualified for office as anyone should be. American presidents are supposed to be inspiring and amazing figureheads with impressive skills and history. Her life's accomplishments are incredible. When she speaks, you listen.

Just picture it- picture that's she's won. Picture the excitement that a woman- intelligent, capable and strong has taken office. And this woman is a Clinton! We love Clintons! They are so awesome! ACK I really want it to happen like, nowz.

What does it take for a candidate to win this time around?
- Candid, no-bullshit, real responses. We are drowning in information and concepts as a culture. If someone can "really say something" these days, it's absolutely freakin invaluable. Flat out insult and disrespect the Bush admin and rail against the government. It will win the favor of voters.

Changing urban landscapes based on single people-
So I was sitting at a packed Thai restaurant waiting for takeout in Park Slope. I thought about Hoboken and Williamsburg and how there are all of these booming neighborhoods that have changed dramatically over the last couple of years. We now have an incredibly large single population dictated by the dramatic change in our generation where people wait to start families and get married for about a decade later (on average I'm guessing) than our parents. Brooklyn used to be composed of families, but now it's been called a gentrified frat house. Really it's the existence of large populations of single people with jobs living outside of their parents houses. There are dozens of bars and restaurants spreading like wildfire in these neighborhoods catering to the desires of its single residents. Kinda fascinating how urban development mirrors social change.

Make your ears nice with these:

- The incredible vocals on Cold War Kids' "A Change is Gonna Come"
a cover on a song with history by Sam Cooke
Hang me up to dry
Some free Cold War Kids mp3's
But you'll have to go to ITunes to grab "A Change is Gonna Come"

- Blonde Redhead "Falling Man"

- Bone Thugs "Wind Blow" which samples Fleetwood Mac

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