Wednesday, June 06, 2007


I think I got some stupid stuff lodged under my shift key cause i'm generally icky and messy so there will be some poor capitalization at this moment in time. Apologies.

- On wednesday nights at the Whole Foods on Bowery they give you free food. Enough in fact that I had an entire dinner and was full. IT RULES.
- I saw Vin Deisel at the Apple Store today.
- Must read: New York Magazine's cover article on campaigns
- Stereogum now makes downloading their free mp3s even easier! I suggest downloading D.A.N.C.E. , Air, Okkervil River, Sufjan Stevens, The Wrens, Bloc Party, Battles, Spoon and the Mark Ronson song they got there 4 free!
- Will Ferrell's The Landlord Outtakes
- New Ryan Adams video - I REALLY F'ING LOVE THIS SONG!
- HIS HOTNESS STEVE JOBS in a free iTunes downloadable podcast: Steve Jobs and Bill Gates at D5 Conference. Go to ITunes to get it.
- Read about Kenneth Lamar Noid
- RRRRRRR setting up my editing suite has been such a freaking pain in the darn ass. Wrong cables, something wasn't packaged right, upgrade this and that, reinstall this and that, never ending- but I get closer and closer. Final cut and my backup hard drive are finally installed but I'm still looking to get the proper connector to my TV so I can edit on large monitor (the guy at the apple store sold me the entirely wrong thing) and I have issues with my damn consumer grade miniDV player- it's a sony dcr-hc21 piece of shit and I can't f'ing capture from it because it's got some BS crap settings that interfere and I tried to install the driver but for some reason my Mac is asking me which application I'd like to run my exe file with which is an application in itself so it shouldn't be asking me that goddamn it arg i just ugh want to edit dammit help grr anger


Saw Knocked up last night. I'm already a huge Apatow fan, and I really enjoyed this movie. There were so many moments that were absolutely brilliant- the writing and cast were so freaking fantastic BUT because it was so brilliant, the times when it was stupid or flawed stood out so much more because my expectations were higher and I know they could do better. I blame the editor in part. A lot of that should have been cut. And what was with showing the preggers vag!? Did anyone notice the thing was shaved too! That just annoyed me cause the real thing looks monstrous, not groomed. I know because they showed us this haunting video in high school health class.

Another problem I had was that Seth Rogan is a really likable actor- but his character said some incredibly heinous things he should have been called out for and the Alison character should have given him more crap. Plus all the nonsense where they loved eachother and she was so nice to him was absurd. The worst part is where they just hold hands out of nowhere. It would have been a better film if these 2 characters interacted and dealt with the pregnancy without having a romance. As much as he had likable female characters in the story, they were treated like shit and I think Apatow is smart enough to respect these characters more and give them some damn balls.
Personal Highlights:
- Charlene Yi as Jodi, !!!! SO F'ing hilarious.
- Leslie Mann as Debbi, also way too likable, after Seth Rogan bitches her out I don't want to cheer for him
- Paul Rudd, his most hilarious performance yet
- Jason Segel, in love with him as usual, if you liked him here, check out Slackers, Dead Man on Campus, SLC Punk, and if you can get your hands on it, North Hollywood
- Katherine Wiig
Meh, there's too many. Looking forward to youtube clips.
- Ryan Seacrest NOT sucking for a moment? Yeah. In this movie. Weird.

Ok, I wasn't share going to share this with you but my stinky roommate said that I should: When I was in 5th Grade we modernized the play Pinnocchio and put in a musical number. We decided to have the Urkel dance, since Urkel was a main character (Pinnurkio). We memorized the Urkel dance, and since I was the only one who could do this dance move where you bend all the way backwards, I got to be in front. I wore a pink sequin baseball cap turned to the side. The end.
The Urkel.

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