Tuesday, July 24, 2007

hate gossip

Dude, the gossip people like TMZ and Perez are fun sometimes, but with this Lohan thing it's absolutely disgusting and fucking gross how obsessed these people are with other people's lives! It's absolutely more gross than the patheticness of the Lohan/drug situation.

I hope to god I get famous so I can pee in their wallets. Seriously. I want to take their wallets and pee in there so they got pee all over their license and credit card and money and stuff. I bet they wouldn't like that! No they wouldn't.

I always always hate when idiots talk about celebrities like they could possibly know them. I mean a joke here and there or a comedy spoof is fine but I don't pretend to really know enough about these people to pass any real judgment on the celebs. It's also sick how they are photographed doing private things. People get your shit together!

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