Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Hudson is not a River in Egypt

it's not.

- Saw Venus last night. It was rather hilarious/touching/creepy. You should watch it.

Although my most favorite of Peter O'Toole's work has to be in one of my most favorite movies, Supergirl:

There's also a pretty good clip on youtube from when Faye Dunaway sends Supergirl into the Phantom Zone.

- Speaking of Helen Slater, she is the star of one of my other favorite movies, The Legend of Billy Jean.

- By now you've probably seen it, but just in case you havent, the video with Zach G and Kanye.

- Also, I found a Picture of you on the internet.

- Last night I went to a party for the upcoming premiere of Savanna Samson's new wine, Sogno Tres.

- Arcade Fire tickets on sale tomorrow mornin!

- 100 greatest cover songs of all time? It's an ok list.

- I didn't think the latest Harry Potter movie was all that great.

- This Pistol Shrimp is off the hook!
The shrimp snaps a specialized claw shut to create a cavitation wave that generates acoustic pressures of up to 80 kPa at a distance of 4 cm from the claw. The pressure wave is strong enough to kill small fish. The snap can also produce sonoluminescence from a collapsing bubble, also known as a cavitation bubble. As it collapses, the cavitation bubble reaches the surface temperature of the Sun.

- Dolph Lundgren is also really very cool

He was the original Punisher in the 80s version of the movie
I'm reading The Punisher right now by Ennis. Here's a trailer from the more recent version of the movie:

I haven't seen it but that dude looks really hot. I have feelings of attraction toward comic book characters.

- Also, rumor is that the Watchmen and Y the Last Man are going to be movies! Those stories are incredible. You will love these movies when they come out. I know you will. BTW- Watchmen casting is unbelievably good with lots o hotties in it (who can also act rather well) like Patrick Wilson, Mathew Goode, and Billy Crudup. 2 guys in it from Little Children, the perv from Little Children plays the most important character in Watchmen. He's a kickass actor so that's good. Kinda sad though, he played a pervert and now he gets to play a character whose marked characteristic is being painfully ugly.

Oh and btw the Watchmen is hailed by many as the best comic book of all time. The special anniversary edition was given to me as a gift by Mr. Wolkin. Thank you dear.

- Other dork news from this year's Comic Con:
Marion- Indy's original love interest from the 1st film will be in the new raiders of the Lost Ark, possibly as Indy's wife.
Iron Man trailer screened- from Jon Favreau, supposed to be super funny
Rosario Dawson is a huge comic book dork and has a new comic coming out based on her likeness and she will also be an Amazon in a Barbarella remake, and in Sin City 2
Heroes' Silar and Lenard Nimoy will both play Spock in a new Star Trek.

K that's all. Go brush your teeth.

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