Friday, March 21, 2008

7 minutes in heaven

1) thank god for this cause i f'ing love vhs tapes

2) pulled noodles sound cool

3) Marc Jacobs ad spoofs

4) One commenter makes the perfect comment about this Vogue photo special on perfect bodies:
Perfect male body= fit and healthy.
Perfect female body= emaciated and underweight.
Which does make me wonder. Women's bodies look so amazing when they eat normally, have some curve, go to the gym, and are also a little genetically blessed. Why aren't we seeing amazing healthy women's bodies rather than these concave obviously not eating model motherfukshers? Because it's not like a healthy and inshape body isn't hot. It so totally is. I feel guilty for eating more than I do for not exercising enough and I blame my culture for my brainwashing.

PS- swimmers.

5) The State had a reunion show with the ENTIRE cast with new sketch material at UCB LA on March 15th. This is a really big deal. And it's really wonderful. It was described as "It was the funniest and tightest sketch show I’ve ever seen. Really fucking above and beyond, even for my favorite sketch group of all time." I'm whet.
(photo and quote from eric appel)

6) Savage put a deposit down on a trip to Bhutan in 2009 and now I have a deeply intense travel bug that is new and different- Because it's a really expensive one you play in installments. Which means now I am considering trips I would not have otherwise considered cause I couldn't afford them - but installments - sure! Also, she can go to other places aside from Bhutan so now we are brainstorming. Here's the list that got us excited. Tibet, Nepal, Columbia, Cuba, Antarctica and Laos have most captured my fancy.

7) A lovely and really well done guide to basic HTML learn in your brains

and PS:
"You Can Break Your Penis" - CBS News

For today's music we have 3 very different songs, all of which inspire fond memories: Nirvana- Lounge Act, Adagio for Strings, and the only Counting Crows song I like, Colorblind.

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