Saturday, March 15, 2008


Lobsters give me boners.
They are delicious. And they are summertime.

I sent this video "It's a a Golden" to Stephen because I knew he would love it. His response:
OMfuckingG I LOVE GOLDENS!!!! rarararaaraha ahhhhhh!!!!! they're so cute and cuddly and loveable and happy!!! AAAAAAHHHHH my heart fucking explodes when i see them!!!!


Chris Gethard as Darryl Strawberry

James Franco teaches you acting.

17 month old girl can read!
Smart little girls rule.

Bought these vintage 70s ray ban aviators off ebay. They are kinda amazing.

I love this -
Things That Make Men Proud
4. OPENING JARS - She’s struggling. You take it from her hands, open it effortlessly and pretend she loosened it for you. She didn’t. Jars are men’s work.

Went to the first Gelmania, I recommend it. It's got that playful experimental bizarre energy that I prefer in my comedy shows. I do get bored of regular standup shows. Not that we don't need good ones, we do. But ... non-standard fare is tastier.

Ryan Adams has a blog! He stayed in Friday night too. Got things done. Just like me! I've always found weekend nights less interesting than weekday nights in New York City.

Finally, I find myself fascinated with the idea of the movie Funny Games. It looks great to me and I like everything I've read and seen about it - BUT I'm absolutely terrified. I can take action movie violence no problem, but I absolutely cannot take horror/terror. I get super afraid and am affected for days so I am not sure if I can watch this at all - so it makes me want to do research to see if I can handle it. Favorite thing I read about it is off imdb message boards (At this point, after this many blogs, I really do not care how much of a nerdbomber you think I am. I read fucking comic books and am proud. Anyway ...)
Funny Games is a shaming ritual for all those who love to see people get mutilated and their heads blown off in movies like Hostel. However, the violence in Funny Games is not graphically shown, but coldly realized.

Michael Pitt has always been a powerful actor. He made his first impact on me in "Bully." Seen him around the city a couple times. Once at the after party for Gus Van Sant's Kurt Cobain movie (which was held at Pianos a couple years back) and once at a Nine Inch Nails concert. Never saw him as sexy before, but he looks kinda hot in this.

enjoy new Portishead track

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