Thursday, March 13, 2008

For Your Man Feets

Listen men, this is important and I can't believe I haven't said anything about it sooner.

One thing that bothers me a great deal is physical discomfort. And so out of sheer empathy I CANNOT stand when men wear the wrong shoes for specific types of weathers. Men need to wear rain shoes when it rains or snows, and men need to wear flip flops when they are on the beach - END OF STORY!

I've been known to walk around in my socks, and stepping in a little drop of water and having wet sock is enough to get me so pissed off that I may even audibly voice my discomfort AND pout really hard. I hate wet socks. I can't stand when men wear their sneakers in the rain - it's just so damn unpleasant I want to cry. Everything would be so much better if they wore a rain boot. Then they'd be invincible on wet days. And so here are my suggestins for the men's rain boot.

The Timberland Men's Ripper

I like this all weather boot best of all I've seen. It comes in other colors.

Switchfoot Slip-On Oyster Canvas

A weather proof sneaker slip on that looks cool! Commme on boys, you need to have this now.

There's more out there. These are both from Timberland. Surf and snowboard companies have good choices too. If you are brave enough to sport a tall wellington, which only some guys can pull off - go classy with Hunter.

As for the flip flop, I have known many a man to whine and whimper about not liking the thong thingy in between their toes. But it drives me crazy to see sneakers on the beach. Socks and shoes are no place for sand. No place at all. Get used to the stupid flip flops. Try Havaianas. They are just like any other flip flop, but slightly more expensive, and therefore embraced by hip and fashionable people who need a more expensive version of the things they like. I wear them.

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