Thursday, March 27, 2008

Long before were the days when upcoming calls were pointed out only by automatic bell ringing or maddening singing electronic sounds.

art by Biklops

Last Evening
I originally had plans to meet a friend and fellow Top Chef fan for dinner at 24 Prince where Top Chef contestant Nikki is the head chef, but that was cancelled - so I went home and decided I'd get LOTs and LOTS of stuff done. Instead I just looked at dirty websites and messed around with this tshirt project I'll tell you about in due time. So I was happy when Raphael invited me out with his friends, a lovely lady with lots of dark makeup around her eyes (of which I am a fan), a vigorous French man, and an insightful German man who has a skylight that bothers him in the mornings. We had dinner at Lil Frankies- which is always reliable for atmosphere and being yummy, and then we dropped in on this new bar, National Underground, and this large party of people coming from a show at the Box came in to after party. I liked the whole bar, upstairs too with live music. I ran into Moby there (to whom I had been a bad friend and he assured me he was "too old to care") along with Julia Stiles, whose face is goddamn magnificent. Then after that we dropped by the Magician to wish Todd Barry a happy birthday and I had the occasion to meet musical comedy sensation Tim Minchin who referred me to this brilliantly hilariously written website/inspiration for today's title - just read the text (I'm pretty sure it's for real).

Now I don't always write about nice evenings nor do I name names, but I am mentioning this evening as a statement about going out in New York: It's better on weekdays, you never never know when they are going to happen, and as they are unexpected, yes you should get up off your bum more often. Sometimes it's nice when one thing leads to another leads to another.

I've been going out a lot more lately, and I find there is always something valuable to take away from every evening.
You can't enjoy the world without engaging in it. I hope more of you come out of hibernation as the nights get warmer and stickier.

lowercasing is a style choice made my hipsters
it's a result of a computerized social culture
where text and fonts are part of style and fashion
where design's relevancy is evident in every keystroke
i think the prevelance of urls maybe also lends to the trendy trend
minimalist typographic personality

I get indignant and use bad bad words in this short clip:


If you like colorful and disturbing things, you'll like this.


I love the composition of the new Breeders track "This Night of Joy" But I've only got the first 1:26 to share with you ... try to enjoy? pls ok thx

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