Friday, March 28, 2008

my tummy and head feel like major barflecopters

Dude, now that I ate this pizza I really want a nap. I've been saying at work today all day that I want a nap. I want a freakin nap. And I want Ecto Cooler.

Yo you know what's cool? Taking power drills to stuff. Just about anything. You gotta try it. And if you take a power drill to something that won't be damaged by the power drill, then it's still cool cause it's like when Mario runs into a wall and he's just running into nothing. God that is some funny shit isn't it? Stupid Mario. That is one dumb wop for real. Man I have a hangover. But I got buttloads more drinking to do this weekend. Me and my brainz are gonna have a good time.

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