Tuesday, March 25, 2008

that tastes good doesnt it

Yesterday, after much anticipation, I got the final touches on my custom jeans from Mandate of Heaven. When I originally got em back they were a too big on, and I felt bad taking em back, but in the end it's all worth it cause they fit like a glove and they feel a lot more fabulous than any other jeans I've ever had.

If you click the picture you can see more pics of the cool jeans.
Carissa, the Mandate designer, told me I have a nice head. Which is good to hear because I am self conscious about my head because I feel I have far too much surface area there.

I saw Funny Games this weekend. I loved it. It's not grotesque or full of horror - it asks you to think, pay attention, and it's a very smart commentary on film making. The large message is asking you what you want to see, and asking you to question the elements of reality of a situation - how are characters emotionally impacted by the action? See it.

Another thing that was very fun is that this weekend was my first time in a real life fancy recording studio. mc chris was nice enough to ask me to say a line on his new cd. I was in good company! Also recording with Mr mc chris that evening were Andrew WK, Curtis and Gemberling, and some other funny UCB dudes, who I would name but I am afraid about misspellings.

Dolly Parton, whose show I'm seeing in May, went label free too! She's just such a cool lady.

Also, I was messing around with techology. I feel like a great powerful wizard with my abilities. To do simple things. Like I made this in a couple of seconds:

eat the peach
i bet that tastes good
doesn't it
yes it does

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