Wednesday, March 12, 2008

you should really see this

hey come here take a look at this



and ...
and this

oh also see this

and this Australian Kotex Ad. It's about Beavers ...

Oh and also peep what Geraldine Ferraro said. She sounds like she's being completely reasonable and straightforward. I hate hate hate in politics how everything is all like mushy pees. Nothing real can ever be said and embraced. The only thing allowed are polished idealistic speeches benign enough to placate everybody. LAME.

You may know I once aspired to a life in politics and law because I wanted to change the world. Over time and exposure to both worlds, I decided that I could make the impact I want to make via art and not government. I want visionaries writing what I read and painting what I see. The world allows for that. I want the honest, strong, and straight forward running the foundations upon which my society is built. The world does not allow for that.

And so here is my conclusion:

art is where you change the world
government is where you maintain it

And as far as an America where women have more power, government lets me down with it's lack of women leaders and resistance to a woman president. BUT look at SNL. The women run the show. It is all them. And so here we can change perception about women's potential and ability to hold their own in a position of power, because comedy is largely about power. Who is making you laugh? The audience surrenders to the will of the performer, giving them permission to take them somewhere that they want to be. The laughing person allows themselves to be captivated and shown happiness ... the performer has the opportunity to give to that person. And these women are giving it, and giving it to them muy durable.

Here, a fun lil song about playas. I learned what a "player" was when I was 14. Any boy that is still a player, lies to himself. Adorable! As for the girls who fall for players, pay attention more. "let them lose their heart so you get to keep yours"

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