Monday, April 07, 2008

all manner of oils

I have been literally drooling (well actually I've been keeping it in my mouth so it's more like watering/intermouth drooling) over this man, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, ever since I caught an episode of New Amsterdam. He is boner city all the way. Look at those pants! They don't wanna be on him anymore! I swear if I see that man in this city I will destroy his panties.
All of your base are belong to me Mr Coster-Waldau.

British people talk like dorks and it's adorable. From George Clooney's girlfriend's ex boyfriend:
She'd tell me to lie on the bed as she mixed together all manner of oils and then slowly rub them all over me ...
We had such wonderful times having sex all night covered in her slippery love concoctions.

I'd hit that:

Steven Malkmus is totally doable.

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More funny ads here

The girlfriend on Dexter annoys me how she is written - she's just a female in his life offering no depth - nothing Dexter can relate to - just nice, available to be protected. I don't like how we don't require more soul and mind from women in the world. I think it discourages women from being more interesting if they can be desired simply for the roles they play in a man's life.

The world is an endlessly exciting place. I was watching Anthony Bourdain because he is great, and he was eating all of these fun foods in Ghana. Since NY has everything you could ever want, I thought sure we have Ghanaese food too. We do! Up on 113th and 8th Ave there is a place. And so I really love Ethiopian food and I realized I haven't tried other African cuisines, aside from Moroccan/mediterranean style food. But don't you dare forget what I said! New York has everything you want and THE WORLD IS AN ENDLESSLY EXCITING PLACE!

What's that? I dunno but I'd hit that too.

Just check out the places listed on menupages for African. Here you will discover:
- South African in Ft Greene
- Ghana food in Harlem
- Egyptian in the East Village

and if you like Ethiopian, Meskel is the best I've had in NYC (DC has great Ethiopian, my favorite spot was in Adams Morgan)
If you haven't tried Ethiopian, please first do not make the stupid joke about them being starving and not having food. Everyone makes that joke and I don't know how the starving people have such great food, but they do. You eat with your hands/ this super tasty spongy/moist sourdough flavor bread. It's kinda like naan, but moist. and you scoop up these little mounds of yummy flavored food. Sooo awesome. Once you have it you will crave it again. But you'd have to like the taste of sourdough bread.

Kanye West has a blog just like me! And he's kinda funny. And he's really into design and fancy backpacks and other cool bullshit like that. Actually, I am starting to think everything he thinks is cool, is really cool. Like Millionaire sunglasses. Kanye even has a vimeo! How contemporary.

Oh it's so special here. Thing of the now? Monkey Town - a really odd cool Williamsburg space with avant guarde performance and movies, plus fancy cool food.
Check it.

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