Sunday, April 20, 2008

Fuck you College Humor for saying this

(please read the follow up to this post: Ballbusting College Humor: Follow Up)

Specifically, Streeter Seidell, from College Humor who penned this gem for the New York Times "traditional male comedy—the Stooge-ian variety (with fewer restraints now)—translates better online"


Don't Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Sara Silverman, and Kristin Wiig's work translate pretty well online?

Or for that matter, Kristin Schaal, Chelsea Perretti, Variety Shac, Lisa Nova ... blah blah blah I could go on and on.

That WAS a sexist bullshit thing to say. There's more of you men making comedy. Comedy is a male dominated arena.

You are pulling this statement completely out of your ass. You do not know that, it's not constructive and I hate you for saying it.

Sooo male comedy translates better online? I guess anything I write or produce is just not capable to translating as well online because it isn't "male comedy"? WHAT THE HELL IS "MALE COMEDY" ANYWAY? Comedy for men? About men? By men? About men things?

Have you just made that sexist statement for marketing purposes as you try to brand yourselves and reach a target demographic? DOUCHEBAG CITY UP IN THERE.

The best comedy is the smart shit that everyone can enjoy and relate to. You don't question if it is male or female. Should I go through my comedy collection and think about which DVDs or books are male vs female? It's people like you that discourage people from thinking women can be fun, funny or cool. And in turn, it's attitudes like these from which douchebaggy women thrive. If you want women to be cool and interesting, you ought to treat them as such.


(to those of you who work at College Humor and did not realize this statement was being made on your behalf and disagree with it- say something!)

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