Wednesday, April 16, 2008

hey I used to do this

I was feeling reminiscent about my college comedy group and took a look at the old website using the wayback machine

Here we are, Capitol goga. Capitol cause it was DC, goga cause it stood for girl on girl action. Cause, as you can see, we were a bunch of snatchypies.

There was a listing of the shows we did on the site:
December 2001- Hippodrome, opening for Jimmie's Chicken Shack
April 26, 2002- Hippodrome, our 1st full length show
July 7, 2002- Upright Citizen's Brigade Theatre, NYC Del Close Improv Marathon
September 20, 2002- Full length show, Betts Marvin Center Theatre at GWU
November 15, 2002- We open the First DC Improv Festival at Art-O-Matic
December 13, 2002-First show where proceeds go to charity (Elisabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation and Voices For Choices Campaign to End Abortion Clinic Violence).
January 25, 2003- Full Length Show in Betts Theatre
March 11, 2003- Lisner Downstage all improv show
April 4, 2003- Full Length Charity show, MC Ballroom, proceeds go to PUSH America's Drive to Help the Disabled.
April 24, 2003- We are nominated for Performance Group of the Year and Student Org of the Year and perform at the Excellence in Student Life Awards at GWU's Ballroom.
September 2003- Workshop and performance with Second City during Welcome Week
October 25, 2003-Improv and sketch at the MC Ballroom
December 13, 2003- Variety Show
February 21, 2004- Show
February 27, 2004- Dirty South Improv Fest

That was pretty cool.

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