Thursday, April 03, 2008

How truly unfortunate.

I had been drinking and indulging too much the past weekend and week before. And it caught up to me this week. But really, it ought not to. I had this awful crazy burning heartburn in my chest for 3 days straight. And I read about it and knew what it was. A feeling as though an alien is growing in your ribcage. I tried to be a little careful but I was still drinking and still eating yummy things and it wasn't going away. It wasn't until yesterday that I ate only stuff that this chart about heartburn said was ok, and I drank only one itty bitty pbr that it finally went away.

But really now, beer drinking and fine meals should not bring a young lady down. How terribly unfortunate that such behavior carries any consequence. Or consequence as such that are not the well known socially destructive effects of alcohol and fattymaking destructive effects of over eating.

Moving on.

This straight dude is pretty cool.

This song is stuck in my head:

It's all pretty and soft like your momma's butt.

I was going to see Chevy Chase at 8pm at UCB theatre tonight. But I can't make it. Say my name at reception to get my seats. You'll still have to pay and wait on line. It's not like me and Chase are tight. But what would it be like if we were? Kind of odd really. I don't think we belong together.

This made me laugh! I like it.
Speaking of which ... I don't really have many full out comedies on my favorite movies of all time list. So let me think about my favorite comedy moves, here's a couple:
- Wet Hot American Summer
- Slackers
- Ghostbusters
- 40 Year Old Virgin
- Superbad
- The Jerk
- Old School
- Police Academy 3

I left a lot off the list because they were more than comedies to me - like John Hughes stuff, Pee Wee, Back to School, etc - I am talking stuff purely from the comedy comedians. Which reminds me, Madeline Kahn is great. Reggie Watts recently said I reminded him of young Madeline Kahn and I didn't take it as a compliment till I googled her. Possibly one of the funniest comedy actresses ever. So then, thank you kindly RW.

Maybe you would like to see me perform comedy this evening in the Lower East Side? You may at your liesure. 9pm at the GBA show, Parkside Lounge, 317 E Houston St @ Clinton. There's music if you like that. You might.

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