Monday, April 21, 2008

!!! I am saying womeny women stuff, blah blah blah, tampons!!!

When I think about women's issues, ironically, I can get so emotional I want to cry. Rape, domestic violence, and the mistreatment of women are all things that get me so upset I can barely take it. There's just this overwhelming feeling of powerlessness, mistreatment, pain, and suffering that I relate to a lot of the womeny things I complain about. From the very little things, to the violent and terrible.

I just want women to know how to be happy, independent, and powerful. I want women to be confident and more fun. I want the future generations to think they can do anything, and to be ambitious beyond their wildest dreams. I want successful women in business and the arts because I want women to have what my ambitious working mom gave me - the idea that we could do and be anything.

I am often told "most women dont do that" and "most women don't think that" about the things I say and do. I think that's just stupid. Because usually when that is said, is when I am being particularly interesting or funny - or something of that nature. It shouldn't be that way! The general perception of women, especially women in groups - is that we are lame and boring and vapid and superficial.

That sucks! It really really sucks. Ugh. I could go on. It's unfortunate. Time to stop for now.

Sorry, honestly, for being unfun by making "statements" and rants, but I think it's necessary. I do want things to be better. I hope to make an impact with what I do in life - and I hope you understand.

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