Friday, April 04, 2008

On Being a Woman Part 1

Being a woman is about existing with the full knowledge that you will be treated like shit by men, be objectified like a piece of meat, and be disrespected by most. It's simply an accepted fact of life. It's just the way it is. Sounds shitty, right? We prefer not to think of things this way - as it doesn't happen all the time, and some men are evolved and good. But that is a major reality.

It's not too dissimilar from the human condition. It is natural to expect as a human being that you will have to struggle to come up in the world, and that everyone is not going to be nice to you. You will have to fight in the naturally capitalist world in order to achieve.

The difference with women is that we have to fight the same fight in addition to being the weaker sex, which is what we are perceived as - even though the open minded will say hey - you are stronger in other ways; honestly we are weaker as we are not the ones in control, only in control in some ways.

I don't believe men are less emotional than women. I think their emotions are as powerful and intensely ferocious as any woman - but I do think that men have a greater disconnect from their emotions. They have greater control over them. This helps them in achieving goals and ambitions, as emotions are extremely powerful and therefore distracting. However, it hurts them in self-discovery and discerning right from wrong. It handicaps them in finding happiness and knowing how to express empathy and treat their fellow man.

And so it is this handicap, the difficulty for a man's empathy to be realized, that creates a reality where women are treated poorly by men. Romantic relationships are the most personal and volatile relationships, next to familial relationships. It is in these volatile relationships that a man's difficulty with his emotions becomes caustic. And as men are the status quo, their shortcomings are accepted as a humorous flaw in human nature. When men are pigs, it can be laughed off as a part of life.

Female shortcomings are not seen as funny. We are sluts, we are bitches, and we are crazy and unreasonable. That is one example of the fact that we are the weaker sex. Social favoritism.

It is difficult to have these emotions as a female. I recognize that I cry more easily. Crying is surrendering. Crying is giving into swells of emotions so intense that one must stop for a moment to let it out and let it go.

But that is the interesting thing. We females emote pain on our surface, expressing care and sadness more regularly. Men usually harbor these feelings deep inside until it tears them apart or leads to violence or anger - anger which is usually directed toward women.

We live in a world where it is simply reality that we will be dicked over and men will be jerks to us. And yet we are more easily hurt. I understand this. I am not bitter. This is life.

It is very difficult to be a woman. Don't ever kid yourself that it's not.

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