Friday, April 11, 2008

yes, my balls

photograph by Zack Gold

Hey! I just ate some more sugar again and now I am bouncing around. I forgot how easy that was.

- Artie Lang is an ass. He is flipping out over paying his assistant 45 grand a year. And then also, well, you gotta hear it.
- Oxytocin love hormone. Interesting.
- Best Comedy Sketches ever ranking, a lot of great choices there.
- Photos from the new Watchmen movie
- Heyo! Don't do meth.
- Interesting article about anger in relationships
- My friend Gabe made this movie Poultygeist, go see it at 7 or 10 to meet the filmmakers. There will be an afterparty sponsored by the Onion! You like that don't you?
- Bizarre and funny website for Pam Tanner
- Top Chef fight!

Last evening was lovely. Cause it was so warm! And I had good company. Grabbed a drink at Tailor. Definitely want to go back there for food. One of the Top Chef judges was there. And Nora Jones dined next to us at Five Points where we went later. Celebs are like candelabras when it comes to people at public places. Nice decorations. Spruces the place up a bit. Anyways, this chic came up to Nora J and asked to take her picture, with her laptop! That was kinda odd. Nora obliged.

Donna Langley, president of production at Universal, on Tina: "Tina really is the new woman who can have it all. [On TV], she navigates a man's world but maintains her own sense of self, she never has to compromise her ideals to get what she wants — yet she's not manipulative or coquettish. In her personal life, she's married, she has a lovely baby, she was the first woman to be the head writer at SNL — she's crossed all these barriers and milestones as a woman, so it makes her a great role model.''

Google is INSANE. I was reading an email from a fellow I would like to sleep with, and up pops this:

I actually looked at the email again and it showed that ad again. I didn't see any language in the email that would prompt such an ad. Totally f'ed up. Google is obviously reading my private thoughts.

On May 7th, at 3pm on CBS, I will be on the Dr Phil show. I will post the video here, worry not. Unless of course, it is a big embarrassing mess. I dunno! I haven't seen it yet. BONUS! The fella who the show is about will be appearing on the May 12th Street Meat. Should make for great entertainment :) I'll tell you who it is after it airs, as I am contractually required to be hush hush.

even though I am not so sure about her campaign at this point

and fuck yeah I'm a feminist
suck my big chubby balls

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